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Why Synthetic Turf?
Synthetic turf looks and feels like natural grass, but it requires none of the same backbreaking maintenance. There will be no need for mowing, weeding or watering. Synthetic turf will not aggravate allergies, and is much less vulnerable to the abuses of pet damage and pets.
What About the Safety of My Kids?
Studies have show that children are lwss likely to be injured on synthetic turf than on other types of ground covers. There will be no concerns over grass related allergies. And our products are lead-Free.
Is it Pet Friendly?
It may be a surprise to you, but a mojority of turf owners are pet owners! In fact, many Pet boarding facilities and humane socities have artificial Grass. Artificial Grass is the ideal solution to the problem of pet urine staining or discoloring the grass. It also save you the hassle of re-seeding sod from the unsightly dead patches. For solid waste. It is no defferent than the usual clore. Simply pick up as you normally would. And down the area. Hosing it down will not them your turf in any way.
Will the Weather Affect the Turf?
Artificial Grass is weather resistant and is installed in just about every climate. It does not remain heat in the shafde like rocks do, and it adapts well to different climat. The grass can easily endure even the hottest direct sunlight without damage, providing no stoung reflection or sun magnification occurs.
What Kind of Warranty Does This Have?
Our Company Offer an 8-Year limited factory warranty from the manufacture. we reccommend that our product be installed by a lisensed contractor so that the process of installation resist mold, rot, and mildew.
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